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Mine Blocks

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If you love online games, then you should love Mine Blocks, an exciting exploration involving surviving in a world made up completely of blocks composed of different materials. Simply collect the elements and materials and build anything you desire, including monsters and other creatures that you can hunt for resources or tame for company. Your ambition is your only limit in this game, so why not aim for the ultimate and defeat the dragon, who resides in a faraway dimension. Survival, the main game mode in Mine Blocks, requires you to avoid hunger by creating food, building a house to keep out the monsters, mining materials which you will need later in the game, and also making tools which you will need to get materials later. Use your small 2×2 crafting area for simple items, or create your
own 3x3 table for larger items. Smelting is used for many things, including cooking food and making glass. For this, you will need fuel and an item to heat. The most popular fuel is coal, but don’t forget there is also lava, which is ten times more powerful than coal. As the name suggests, Creative, another game mode, allows your imagination to take over. Create cities, explore the underground, blow up the world, all without dying! In this Mine Blocks mode you can also fly, and spawn in any block, item or mob. Anywhere, that is, except the Ender Dragon. The end is, of course, one of three dimensions, the others being the overworld and the nether. To get to the end, you must have blaze powder and eye of ender. Upon entering the end, you will be standing on an obsidian platform with torches, faced with two choices: die or kill the ender dragon. Make sure you are equipped with your diamond armour and weapons before entering, because this will be a fight to the death.